MELISSA-ANN LEDO // Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Held within the four walls. Unpermitted to leave this space. Forced to turn inward. Outward is out of reach for the moment. I notice my hands. The quiet space invites them to begin making things again: an attempt to connect the experience to other’s experiences. What is art for? To function through difficult moments like these. 

My spine exposed, ribs thin and wiry and twisted out of shapery, I attempt to look for a cure for the ache. Exposed amphibian bones holding me up, and flowers overgrowing the spaces between me. The spaces between the pain of the old and the taste of the beautifully unknown next thing. The flow of the heart, moving like a jellyfish, dangerous in the wrong hands and in the wrong waters. Remembering who I was, who I am in this moment, and who I am becoming.

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