Studio Re-Imagine is a locus of socially engaged art projects, activities and research, based in Montreal, Canada, and reaching broadly into the world. Defining socially engaged art as interdisciplinary creative projects that take up issues of current importance in ways that promote individual and collective implication and agency, the artists and scholars of Studio Re-Imagine make artwork and evaluate how it can build impact and promote change.

Currently, there are six multi-year projects presented on this website, some of which have been completed while others continue to be active:

The Future is Wool uses wool and craft to propose the questions: of Does the pleasure of handwork and the chance to work in community with other makers bring us comfort in this time of [post?] pandemic anxiety? Does wool’s biodegradability ease our ecological grief as our planet faces what seems like catastrophic climate change? This project is ongoing.

Walk in the Water / Marcher sur les eaux uses studio practice and oral history to explore the histories, political ecologies and personal meanings of the St-Lawrence River, particularly at the Pointe-St-Charles shoreline. (Version française de la déscription du projet.)

What is art for? is a social engagement project that features the work of 81 artist/participants from around the world, who in the summer of 2020 created and contributed works that consider the role of art in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Arts and Artists in Community is a series of thematic Zoom presentations by people making a difference through the arts in communities, ongoingly and especially now, in this time of pandemic. 

(no image available to represent this project)

Textile Trade Time is a series of fall 2019/winter 2020 events at Concordia University exploring the histories, presents and futures of textiles, with a focus on Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal as a locus of trade across cultures, nations, fibres and moments.

At Home in the City: The University and Its Neighborhood engages collaborative practices in a community-based consideration of the neighbourhood immediately surrounding the downtown campus of Concordia University, a dense, diverse and rapidly changing part of Montreal

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