At Home in the City: The University in its Neighbourhood


Collage by Melissa Tamporello depicting the intersection of Guy and St. Catherine Streets, including both past and present components.

At Home in the City / Être chez soi dans la ville considers life in the neighbourhood immediately surrounding the Sir George Williams /downtown campus of Concordia University, a dense and diverse part of Montreal that is changing rapidly through new development (the transformation of the Children’s Hospital site) and gentrification (via condo building). Taking up the histories and projected futures of the area from Bishop St to Greene, Sherbrooke St. to the Ville Marie Expressway, this initiative considers how and whether collaborative art-making can bring together a broad representation of residents and visitors in an exploration of common concerns about home and belonging. This area includes Shaughnessy Village, a relatively new name for an old Montreal neighbourhood, full of history.

Map of the general area of the inquiry – Shaughnessy Village “plus”


Click the link below to view images of the Shaughnessy neighbourhood from the past and present:

Then and Now

  • Gates to Edgehill, Montreal, QC, 1899
  • Robert Stanley Bagg's residence, Sherbrooke Street, Montreal, QC, 1903
  • Hollis Shorey's house, 1792 St. Catherine Street between Fort and Chomedey Streets. H. Shorey & Co. are listed in Lovell's Directory as Wholesale Clothing & Tweeds.
  • Mr. Simpson's house, Sherbrooke Street, Montreal, QC, 1881
  • composite of composites, 1882
  • Side of the Judah house
  • Greene Avenue, Westmount, QC, 1872, painting by James Duncan
  • Duncan McIntyre house, Dorchester Street, Montreal, QC, about 1880
  • Grey Nuns Convent building from Guy Street, Montreal, QC, about 1890