LISA KIMBERLY GLICKMAN // Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada

What is Art For? In considering this question, particularly during a pandemic, I had many responses; not all of them confluent. My responses are expressed through the imagery and its accompanying words. Tidying up old photos, I came across some pictures of myself in my early 20s working on a piece of art. I used these photos as a jumping-off point for this piece’s imagery. I thought about what art has meant to me over time. I thought about the prominence of art defining my life even as I was engaged in other roles: daughter, student, lover, mother, teacher. The words flowing in the artist’s hair represent the things she is thinking about while creating. They are multilayered visually (some are obscured) and by definition.

So, what is art for?

For me: pleasure, recording, desire, need, truth, sense, communication, resolution, teaching, quests, understanding, nourishment, sharing. The words beaded onto the piece are Dreams (in the Moon/Sun in the Sunset/Sunrise), Passion, Love and Kismet.

The piece includes silk, cotton left over from quilting, quilt bat, embroidery floss, acrylic paint, Japanese beads, Czech fire-polished crystal beads, cotton thread and metallic thread.

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