JANETTE HAGGAR // Senneville, Quebec, Canada

Title:  Can’t see the woods for the Trees – Clarity in the Times of Confusion
Method/Materials: Collage and Acrylic Image transfer/Ferns, birch bark, paper wasp nest

In times of stress and confusion, I find solace in nature.  My inner child seeks out a safe space, sheltered by bushes and surrounded by forests.  It’s the beginning of pandemic lock down and the world shrinks to what is at hand, what we can touch and see.  Inspired and intrigued by the words of Omar Khayyam in the Rubaiyat, I began to play with the natural materials gathered during my walks. What has emerged is a dreamscape of the forest floor, a secret den and words that have come to define my journey during this past year of COVID.

The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam – the Astronomer Poet of Persia
Done into English by Edward Fitzgerald
New York, Thomas Y. Cromwell Company Publishers – c. 1879

And, strange to tell,
Among that Earthen
Some could articulate,
While others not:
And suddenly one more
Impatient cried
‘Who is the Potter pray,
and who is the Pot?

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