ELISE TIMM-BOTTOS // Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

When looking at the question, ‘What is art for?’ I was inspired by the use of textiles and colours found in nature. The beauty of nature allows us to contemplate a microcosmic world, and focus on something both smaller and larger than ourselves. When we stop to see a ladybug crawl along a leaf, we are momentarily removed from ourselves. How we express that moment is our art. Art is a reflection of our own inner nature. By creating, I am able to bring sense to inner turmoil and participate in nature’s cycle of regeneration.  I can make something entirely new. 

To smell the ocean waves, when you cannot see the sea
To appreciate the little things, a flying bumble bee
To wonder at mighty nature’s way – it lives, it grows, it dies
To propagate a rainbow on a day of cloudy skies

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