ANNE PILON // Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Art is for …

– the quality or state of being resonant
– a quality of evoking response
– a synchronous gravitational relationship

Merriam Webster

Art is for experiencing resonance. When my ideas are manifest in the materials and the way they are put together, and when I lose the sense of time passing while creating, I experience resonance.

During the lockdown I sewed face coverings for my family and friends. Although it gave me great pleasure to do so, it also made me angry because we had to wear them for our safety. Suddenly, we all became fearful of a threat that we couldn’t see or fully understand. While making masks, I stopped to take photos of sights that caught my attention: a pile of fabric remnants, sunlight on the iron, a tangle of thread on the floor. I printed these on vellum and made them into a book. I wanted to show the beauty in the repeated domestic gestures that are often unseen and underappreciated, tucked away in the pages of the everyday.

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