Excerpts of St. Lawrence River stories

The ongoing project of Walk in the Water | Marcher sur les eaux includes audio recordings of interviews with experts and locals who are implicated in the St. Lawrence River’s past, present or future. These excerpts are used in the installation of the visual artwork via touch-sensitive triggers in the talking textile map, and are also integrated into a ‘displaced audio walk,’ which explores issues faced by urban rivers and the St. Lawrence in particular (completion spring 2019).

Excerpts of interviews  so far include:

Longtime sports fisher, Jean Desjardins:

Pointe-St-Charles community activist and historian Natacha Alexandroff

Climate change expert and professor of climatology at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) Philippe Gachon

The underwater voice of the River itself, recorded by sound artist Phil Lichti in Montreal’s Old Port, specially for Walk in the Water.